Social Justice and Anti-Racism

I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.

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© Natasha Gris
Photo by Natasha Gris for NAHS BLM Rally 2020




Community Stewardship

NAHS brings people and communities together. Working to foster connections with organizations that promote Afro-Centrisim.

education and mentorship

Out mandate is to promote African American Heritage and History through education and discussion.

social awareness and change

Do to the current climate for social awareness NAHS is pro-actively bringing change through special events for the purpose of education and entertainment.


Supporting individuals and groups by promoting avenues for the support of People of African Descent and Indigenous Nations.

I Can't BreathE...

The horrifying and tragic death of George Floyd would change the world and expose white supremacy in it’s worst form. George Floyd was killed at the hands of on duty Police officers. Publicly pleading for his life while bystanders were helpless to assist, there only form of assistance was to record his struggle to breath. His death would trigger a world wide protest and the creation of #BlackLivesMatter. Nanaimo African Heritage Society moved to action a peaceful protest and outpouring of emotion.  


Protests could be seen worldwide from Europe to South America.

Photos by: Natasha Gris