In Loving Memory of Eartha Kitt

17 January 1927 – December 25, 2008
I met Earth Kitt in person in Calgary in 1985, while I was performing. I was told she was in town and I went see her show. She noticed me sitting in the audience. After her performance she requested my presence back stage. I went to see her and showed her a postcard that I had kept for a very long time. It was a picture of her in a beautiful red velvet dress in a heart-shaped cut. When I showed her this picture she cried and told me it reminded her of her humble beginnings when she had very little money and wanted something new to wear. She said she actually made that dress from a set of drapes in her hotel room. I thought the dress was quite hot. The card was marked as 1958. Funny, that’s the year I was born. I hung out with Eartha all night long. We went nightclubbing! It was a blast. I’ll miss her.
– Shalema Gantt, President of the Nanaimo African Heritage Society

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